The Boyets are moving!

Yes, we’re moving from Oregon to Kentucky.  Pretty crazy.  I hope to record all of our adventures in this blog.  I’ll set it up so CJ can submit his own posts too.

Here is what we know so far: My last day of work is January 7th and I think we’ll have the movers pack our stuff on the 12th and load the truck on the 13th.  Then I’ll work on getting the house cleaned and carpets cleaned before doing the final walk through with the landlord.  CJ and Kyle are going to drive the Suburban and pull the boat.  I will fly to Lexington so I can beat the truck and get the new house ready for the unloading.  We’re using a pet transport company to drive the dogs and cats but they’ll only take about 3 days.  So I think I’ll need to keep the animals in Eugene until the day before I fly out.  I am thinking I will be flying to Lexington on January 19th.

I guess that’s all for now.


About Mama Boyet

We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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