Moving update

So a few things have changed since my last post.  We hit a snag with Tunnel Radio deciding they wouldn’t pay for pet transport.  That was more of a convenience thing but it made us worry about what else Tunnel Radio might not pay for.  We never did get anything in writing (I know, dumb) so we put the move on temporary hold until we got everything in writing.  We did get that but it pushed our move out by a week.  So my last day at the CU is now January 14th and we’re going to have the moving company pack us on January 17th and load up & leave on January 18th.  CJ and Kyle will probably hit the road about that time and I’ll stay to get the house cleaned up.  I hope to fly to Lexington on Saturday, January 22nd.  CJ and Kyle will have to take the dogs and cats in the Suburban since Tunnel Radio isn’t paying for Pet Transport.  It really sucks because I honestly don’t know how they’ll coordinate finding the right hotels and such. In doing research, I found out that just because a hotel says it is pet friendly, doesn’t mean it’ll work.  Some places only allow 2 pets per room or have a weight limit… I don’t know how it will work but I guess I just need faith that everything will work out.

We also have a going away party planned for January 14th, at Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road.  Basically an open house type situation.  Drop by between 5-8pm.


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We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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2 Responses to Moving update

  1. shannon says:

    That’s really dumb they won’t add on the pet transport. But like you said, you just gotta have a faith it’ll all work out. How long will it take to drive w/ the animals there?

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