3 weeks and counting…

I can’t believe I’ll be flying to Lexington in 3 weeks!!  CJ and Kyle will be on their way to Kentucky by that point.

  • I called to start garbage service at the new house and found out that I didn’t need to.  Apparently, garbage service is paid for in the property taxes so there is always service and we’ll have no bill.  Weird!  
  • We have a For Rent sign in our yard and I guess I’ll need to be prepared for people walking through.  At least I’m not trying to pack while people go traipsing through our house.
  • I have the carpet cleaner scheduled for Friday, January 21st.  I told our current landlord that we can do the final walkthrough that afternoon.
  • I ordered the “calming aids” for the kitties to have for the drive to Kentucky.  I really hope they help.  They got good reviews on the drsfostersmith.com website.
  • I also bought the new cat carrier today.  We wanted a nice big one that both cats could be in together.  So it’s basically a big dog carrier.  I put the blanket that Joey likes to sleep on in the carrier and put some kitty toys in there too.

About Mama Boyet

We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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One Response to 3 weeks and counting…

  1. bizzyshan says:

    those are all good updates! 🙂 That’s kind of neat and weird about your garbage service! At least it’s one less bill to worry about!! I think it’s really sweet that you are putting the kitties together so they have each other.. a really good idea.

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