Whatever you do, don’t let me drive your car

Okay, my year is off to a pretty rocky start.  Let’s ignore the fact that we’re moving to Kentucky in 2 weeks… I have done something to the car gods and I’m cursed, for sure.  Just before Thanksgiving, my Rodeo died an honorable death.  The engine needed to be replaced and it wasn’t worth the price to do so.  So I had to sell it to an auto place that buys dead cars.  Since I knew we were moving to Kentucky, I decided I didn’t want to try and get a new one and worry about getting it transported to Kentucky.

My friend Mattea’s boyfriend, Doug, had a car that wasn’t being used so they said I could use it until we moved.  Yesterday morning was pretty frosty so I went out and started the car to warm it up.  It wouldn’t start at first but it finally caught and started.  It seemed to be running a bit rough but I figured it was just cold.  I came out about 10 minutes later and the outside did not smell good, like burning rubber.  The inside of the car also smelled pretty bad.  CJ is currently in Nevada, working in a gold mine, but I tried calling him anyway.  He didn’t answer but responded with a text that he was in the middle of a training session.  I texted him a bit about what was going on and he said it didn’t sound good to have the car running.  Mattea said maybe I could try and then Doug could look at it later.  I tried to drive it but as I pulled out of the driveway, I knew it wasn’t good.  The car was lurching pretty bad and wasn’t hardly accelerating.  I made it about half a block and I turned around and drove it back to our driveway.  I was able to call a co-worker to come pick me up to take me to work.  I talked to Mattea and told her that if I could get a ride to Albany, I could drive CJ’s Suburban home.  He drove it to work and left it there because he drove a company vehicle to Nevada.  So Mattea, being the bestest friend that she is, drove me to Albany.  This was last night.  I got home at 8pm.

I drove the Suburban to work this morning, no problem.  I got a call from Kyle about 930am saying he hurt his knee in PE and that it hurt really bad.  Didn’t sound serious but I told him I’d pick him up and bring him home to stay off of it for the day.  Which I did.  Set him up at home with an ice pack, pillows to prop his leg up on, and a couple ibuprofens.  Came back to work for a couple hour.  Left for lunch and as I was getting into the Suburban, I realized I left my cell phone at my desk.  I figured, I won’t be gone long.  I’ll run through a drive-thru and head back.  I ended up going to Carl’s Jr, the one in front of the Gateway Mall by the Post Office.  It’s a pretty sharp turn to get into the drive-thru and because a couple cars were in front of me, I had to wait at the entrance on a slight incline.  Once I tried to accelerate to go forward, the Suburban let out a loud squealing screech and the engine died.  I thought maybe it stalled out or something.  I started it up and proceeded into the drive-thru.  As I was turning into the drive-thru, I realized that I couldn’t turn the steering wheel.  No power steering!!!  I placed my order and managed to strong arm the truck around to the window.  Picked up my food and attempted to pull through the parking lot.  I managed to make one turn but the other turn took me going back and forth about 10 times.  But I finally made it and pulled into a parking spot.  So now what?  I’m stuck with yet another un-driveable vehicle and this time, I don’t even have my phone with me.  *sigh*

I used to wonder why pay phones still exist since everyone has cell phones.  Well, I don’t wonder why anymore.  I had to hoof it down the street to the Dari-Mart and use the pay phone to call CJ.  He said it sounded like it was out of power steering fluid.  I told him I’d try to find a ride back to work and see if I could get some fluid.  I remembered my boss’s work extension and called him.  He was going into a meeting but got a co-worker to come get me (the same one who drove me to work yesterday).  I did go back to the truck and check the power steering fluid; it had plenty.  I called CJ from work and told him it had plenty of fluid.  He decided that it sounded like the power steering pump and said it was a fairly easy fix he could do when he gets home.  I called a tow company (same one that towed my Rodeo) and arranged to for a tow later when I get off from work.  Tow driver picked me up at work, drove us to the Suburban, and towed the truck back to the house.

So now we have 2 dead vehicles in our driveway.  Ugh!  So that’s how my year has started out.  How is yours??



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One Response to Whatever you do, don’t let me drive your car

  1. bizzyshan says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! I am not even sure what to say Dear Sister in law of mine- holy smokes! Take the bus? ugh…

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