our house is on the move!

So yesterday, the packers showed up and packed up the entire house. They even wrapped up our dish towels in paper and packed them so carefully. CJ and Kyle hit the road around 10-ish. They made it to Winnemucca last night.  They wanted to hit Flagstaff tonight but got a late start this morning.  Something about new tires for the boat trailer.  Anyway, they made it to Kingman, AZ tonight, where they shall slumber and hopefully CJ gets lots of rest.  Today, the driver of the moving truck showed up and the house was loaded on the moving truck and away it all went! Let me tell you… this is the way to move.

Tomorrow, the house gets cleaned and I will do the walk through with the landlord in the early evening.  And Thursday morning, I fly out of Eugene!  I’ll keep everyone posted!

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We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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