We’re getting settled (super long post)

I’ve been updating my Facebook here and there but really haven’t updated this page yet so I thought I better do so.

Last week, I did land in Lexington on Thursday evening.  It was snowing and had been for a while.  I had a rental car reserved but thought I should ask about getting a 4WD.  CJ told me to tell them what a great customer he is and that his company was looking to do a longterm (2month) corporate rental… So I did.  🙂  And she did find me a Yukon that was only $60 a day instead of the usual $90.  And the car I had reserved was already going to be about $43.  So I hopped into the car and made my way to my hotel, which was free thanks to my hubby.  He is platinum member of the Priority Club at the Holiday Inn Express.  He had 4 free nights accumulated with all his points so we used 2 of them for my stay.  I didn’t do any exploring Thursday night, I just grabbed some good old Taco Bell and hung out in my hotel room.  It was nearly 8pm by this point.

I had planned to go to Kyle’s school and get him enrolled but school was closed on Friday due to the snow.  I had an appointment at 11am to meet the new property manager at the house.  I ate my free hotel breakfast and headed out to find a Petsmart because I wanted to buy a couple more of the disposable litter boxes that the cats were using for the road trip.  They would need them once they arrived that night.  Got that taken care of and decided I would go to the house early, to see it, and possibly drive around the neighborhood or check out the big park behind the house.  I arrived at the house about 10:30 to discover the truck I had been driving behind was the guy I was meeting.  We were both early!  He had shoveled a path up the steep driveway and we headed inside.  We did the usual walk through and I got the keys.  Whee!  Once we were done, I ran back to the hotel to grab the magazines I left because I wanted something to read while I waited for the internet installers.  They were supposed to show up between 2 and 5pm.  And of course, they didn’t show up until after 4pm.  But we got it all hooked up.  I left and decided I would check out The Parkette.  They were featured on Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for the common folk).  I had their famous “Poor Boy”, which is basically a double cheeseburger.  It was good and the onion rings were really good.  One of these days, I’ll have to try the fried chicken, even if it is fried in lard (sorry Mom!). It’s what their famous for. After dinner, I went to the hotel and crashed.  I seriously fell asleep around 7pm and woke up around 10pm.  About that time, the boys had arrived at the house.  They slept on air mattress in the house.  I know it’s weird that I was a 5min drive away in a nice hotel room but I had it for the night and the critters couldn’t stay in the hotel room and the boys planned on hitting the sack right away anyway…. you know how it is.

We had planned for the boys to head to the hotel to eat breakfast with me but they got a late start.  So I got myself ready, checked out of my room, and went to the house.  Got to see my kitty babies (oh, and CJ & Kyle too!) and make sure they survived.  They did.  We headed out and went to a place called Waffle House for breakfast.  Ick!  They’re everywhere but the food we had was icky.  My scrambled eggs were good but the toast  wasn’t buttered and the hashbrowns were super ick.  After breakfast, we found a storage unit for the boat.  We can’t keep  it at the house.  We found a really nice 10X30 unit that we can put the boat inside of and we still have a lot of space to add other stuff too.  We also went to Home Depot to find a new toilet seat.  One of the toilet seats was ICK and the Prop Mgr said we could replace it and submit the receipt.  We also went to Walmart (no trashier than the ones back home) and bought some supplies, like paper plates, paper towels, plastic utensils, Ale-8-One, big tub to use as a litter box, etc. We also swung by a pizza and grinder place that CJ had been to before and yes, it was really good.  We each had a grinder. We went back to the house for a bit and then we returned my rental car.  😦  We came back to the house and sat around on computers before heading to bed.

We woke up and wanted to find a good place for breakfast/brunch.  I sent a tweet to @AceWeekly, the weekly newspaper in Lexington that I follow on Twitter, asking for suggestions.  We got lots of good suggestions and settled on Josie’s.  It was good but we had to wait a LONG time for a table.  It was crazy busy but good.  We took some clothes to a laundromat and hung out there for a while.  For some reason, I was really cranky and just wanted to crawl into a hole.  So I did just that… I crawled into bed and took a nap.  CJ knew I was cranky so he just let me be and took Kyle to Walmart.  I felt a little better after my nap and we went to dinner at O’Charley’s.  It’s similar to Applebee’s but much better quality.  The steaks were really good, especially in the $14-$17 range.  So we’ll definitely go  back there.  We came back home and lounged on computers until bedtime.

CJ had to go to work on Monday morning so I woke up and went with him to get the rental car that he will be using for the next couple months, until his work truck is built and delivered.  We had to wait for nearly an hour for a vehicle to be sent over from another rental location.  He now has a Tahoe to drive around and I’ll be driving the Suburban.  CJ left for Pikeville for the day (and most of the evening) and I came back home.  I wanted to take Kyle to the school to enroll but school was cancelled because of snow.  So Kyle and I headed to the mall to look around.  We also drove out to Hobby Lobby.   Ohmygosh!  I could spend HOURS in there.  I spent about 30 minutes in there and was only able to view about 1/3 of the store.  I had to leave because Kyle and I had a movie to catch.  So I’ll definitely need to go back.  It’s like an ENORMOUS Michael’s… but bigger!  😀  So then Kyle and I headed to the movie.  We saw that silly movie Red with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.  It was silly and I felt I got my $1.50 worth.  We left the movie and stopped by Fazoli’s on our way home.  I remember Fazoli’s from living in Jacksonville, FL and I love being able to get pretty decent Italian Food in a drive-up.  Pretty close to Olive Garden quality, actually.  Anyway, we brought back our Italian food and hung out until CJ got home around 9pm.  We went to bed not too long after that.

Mover day!!  The mover had called me on Monday evening to let me know he’d be arriving between 9-10am.  He ended up calling me that morning to let me know that because of some really heavy fog, they wouldn’t arrive until 10:30am.  So we got our bed deflated and put away and waited for them to arrive.  They showed right at 10:30 to unload the truck.  It was an interesting system.  We had something like 365 actual pieces (boxes and items that weren’t in boxes).  They had a numbered grid with the 365 numbers and as they brought stuff off the truck, they’d tell Kyle the number(s) and Kyle would mark it off the sheet.  Basically like playing BINGO.  Once the truck was empty, Kyle shouldn’t have have any open numbers left.  Sure enough, everything was accounted for!  It was about 5pm once that was done.  I made a quick run to Taco Bell and then we unpacked boxes for the rest of the evening.

Below are some random pics I’ve taken over the last couple days.

I think Joey likes the new house

Clancy is checking out a squirrel in the backyard

Here are the dogs in the backyard

Here is the view of the backyard as seen from the living room

Here is the backyard as seen from the spare room, aka my craft room. This is what it looked like on Tuesday afternoon

This is what the backyard looked like on Wednesday morning

Here is the view from the master bedroom. This overlooks the front of the house. This was on Tuesday afternoon

And here is the front of the house on Wednesday morning.

Clancy isn't very helpful when it comes to unpacking. Can you see him? It's like Where's Waldo.

He popped his head up when I snapped his picture.


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2 Responses to We’re getting settled (super long post)

  1. Daddy-oh says:

    Taco Bell twice? Haven’t you been following the news about their “mystery meat”.

  2. Mama Boyet says:

    Heh, yes I have. But we still like Taco Bell. I used to cook that meat back in high school. It looked good back then.

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