Kentucky so far…

Here is a list of random thoughts/likes/differences/observations about Kentucky so far

  • We have red cardinals in our backyard.  Love it!!
  • There is a field with a lake a couple blocks from our house where there is always a ton of Canadian geese hanging out.  So close that we can hear them honking away while we’re in the house and the windows are closed. Sometimes they sound like they’re chattering.
  • There is a huge presence of brick in the architecture, whether it is residences or business.  Hard to find a house that doesn’t have some brick somewhere on it.
  • I discovered that people here refer to shopping carts as “buggies”.  Huh?
  • Here in Lexington, I don’t seem to notice much of an accent.  There is a little bit but they really aren’t that thick.  But what I do notice is a lot more people, young and old, saying “sir” and “ma’am”.  I like it
  • The Walmart in Lexington isn’t any worse than the Walmarts in Eugene/Springfield.  Well, maybe not near as bad as Springfield… 😉
  • I don’t notice a huge difference in the cost of food here.  And thankfully there isn’t a sales tax on food items (unless you’re at a restaurant, of course)

That’s about it.


About Mama Boyet

We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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