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Tonight’s dinner

This is what I made for dinner tonight.  The boys loved it.  I loved it.  So delicious and what, seven ingredients?  Not counting spices and such.  I did add a couple splashes of Worchestershire to the meat mixture.  Click the … Continue reading

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Our backyard

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of our backyard… and one picture of Punky and Trouble checking out the backyard.  Enjoy.

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Slobber-fest Sunday

Happy Sunday.  Here is what I’m slobbering over today… Our neighborhood is crawling with salesmen, mostly for lawn care.  I swear we’ve had the same company come to our house 6 times.  I don’t know how many times we have … Continue reading

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Doggy adventures

So a couple weeks ago, we let the dogs out before heading to bed and Punky wouldn’t come back in.  CJ could tell she was up by the fence and looking at something in one of the trees.  It was … Continue reading

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More Kentucky musings…

Here are some additional thoughts I have about Kentucky… We have more than just cardinals in our backyard.  We have several bird feeders, a thistle sock, and a for sale sign frame on our back fence (think of it as … Continue reading

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cat door project

Here is our first project of the new house. The cats’ litterbox is in the laundry room/pantry and even though it is a big rubbermaid container with a lid, those grody dogs would still go rooting around for treats. Yeah, … Continue reading

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