cat door project

Here is our first project of the new house. The cats’ litterbox is in the laundry room/pantry and even though it is a big rubbermaid container with a lid, those grody dogs would still go rooting around for treats. Yeah, grody doesn’t begin to describe it.  Anyway, we wanted to put in a cat “door” so we could close the door and the cats could still come and go as they please.

So we removed the door and saved it in the garage so we can put it back when we move out.  We purchased a new door at Lowes for about $27.  We were going to purchase a pet door kit but they had flaps and I didn’t know if my cats would try to push through a flap.  And since it was for internal use only, we really didn’t need the flap.  So CJ just cut a hole in the door.  He painted it white to match all the other doors in the house.  He also came up with the idea of outlining the hole with some carpet remnant we had.  With the door being a hollow door, the naked hole looked bad.  So now it looks good.  And the cats are using it!

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