More Kentucky musings…

Here are some additional thoughts I have about Kentucky…

  • We have more than just cardinals in our backyard.  We have several bird feeders, a thistle sock, and a for sale sign frame on our back fence (think of it as a football goal post made out of heavy wire) that we stick ears of dried corn on for squirrels.  We also have a bird bath.  CJ and I have so much fun watching the birds and squirrels.  We try not to let the dogs out to chase them unless we see the squirrels trying to raid the bird feeders.  It’s fun.  I need to get a new camera with a better zoom so I can take pictures.  We’ve also seen some chipmunks running around too.
  • Apparently, you aren’t required to stop if you want to turn right on red.
  • I’ve made more U-turns in the last month than I have in the past 20 years of driving.
  • I’m still struggling with throwing pop cans and bottles into the recycling, instead of taking them to the store for a refund.  It seems so weird.  I do like the idea of not having to take icky, sticky cans back to the store.  🙂
  • Butter sticks are shaped differently out here.  It must be the local dairies.  The first butter I purchased was from Kroger and I noticed the sticks were slightly longer and skinnier.  The tablespoon pats are thicker since the stick is skinnier.  I assumed this different size was a “Kroger” thing, since I had never seen this size.  But when I bought butter from Walmart, they came in the same longer size.  Measuring the 1/4 pound stick, it’s about 4.75inches long and about 1.25 inches wide and tall.
  • Speaking of dairy products, I miss seeing (and buying) all the Tillamook products in the dairy section.  From what I can tell, the local dairy is Dean’s.  That’s what I’m seeing in all the stores.

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We're moving to Lexington, Kentucky!
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