Doggy adventures

So a couple weeks ago, we let the dogs out before heading to bed and Punky wouldn’t come back in.  CJ could tell she was up by the fence and looking at something in one of the trees.  It was a possum.  Punky treed her first possum!  She was very proud of herself.  I think she liked the fact that it wasn’t running away, like the squirrels do, and she could just stand there looking at it.  It wasn’t very high off the ground, maybe 15-20 feet.

Last night, after letting the dogs out, CJ said that Punky hauled butt up to the fence (I keep saying up because our yard has an incline and you do need to go up a slight hill to the back fence & gate) after something.  He thought he saw something in the grass so he went out there and there was another possum, playing possum.  Clancy didn’t pay a lot of attention to it until it made a slight movement and then he realized it was alive.  He kind of growled at it and I moved him away from it. Punky just kept poking it with her nose, trying to get it to do “something”.  I was pretty amazed at how still that possum stayed, even with Punky poking it.  I snapped a couple pictures and then we brought the dogs back into the house.  Punky did not want to leave her new play thing.  We watched him and after just a couple minutes, he toodled off.  Luckily, nobody got hurt.


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2 Responses to Doggy adventures

  1. Daddy-oh says:

    Better a possum than a porkypine.

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