Four Things

1.  I have always been terrible about taking vitamins.  I always think I’m going to be good and take a multivitamin every day but it never lasts more than a week.  Then I discovered gummy vitamins for adults!  I read about One-a-Day VitaCraves on a blog I like to read and thought “Now, I could remember to eat (not take) those every day!”.  I picked up a bottle of 50 from Walmart and I love them!  They did seem a little spendy at around $8 for a bottle of 50, especially when you’re talking 2 a day.  But I looked on the Sam’s Club website and found the exact same product for $18 for a bottle of 150.  When my bottle runs out, I’ll start getting it from Sam’s Club.

2. Here’s something else that I’ve never liked but changed due to a remarkable product I’ve discovered:  I’ve never liked water.  Not even the delicious (so I’m told) water from Oregon.  Now I’ve been drinking nothing but water.  I received a sample of Mio Liquid Enhancer and really liked it.  You can make it as strong or weak as you want, depending on the size squirt you use.  I’ve tried Fruit Punch and it was good.  I also really like Berry Pomegranate but my favorite concoction is the Sweet Tea flavor with a TrueLemon packet added.  It tastes just like the shaken Iced Tea Lemonade that I used to get from Starbucks all the time.  Our fridge has an ice maker/water dispenser so it makes it really easy to make and I’ve been drinking more water than I ever have.

 3. People in Lexington (and probably the entire state of Kentucky) refer to shopping carts as a buggy.  It still strikes me as so odd when I hear it.

4. For someone who always insisted they don’t like bananas, I’ve been eating a lot of bananas recently.  It started with a super yummy dessert at The Pub called Jamaican Cheesecake.  The description is fresh bananas, banana liqueur,  chocolate Oreo crust, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and macadamia nuts.  CJ & I split one several weeks ago and it was SOO good! I’m a total caramel freak and it was all I could do to not lick the plate clean at the restaurant.  And the banana part of it wasn’t too bad.  Then I remembered my mom telling me about organic bananas.  She told me how much better they tasted then regular bananas.  So when I was at Kroger the other day, I picked up a bunch of organic bananas.   I also found a really yummy cereal that was priced well and didn’t have any form of sugar as the first two ingredients (thanks for the reminder, Dad!).  Active Lifestyle Vanilla Almond (it’s a Kroger product).  So for the last week, I’ve been eating a bowl of it with a banana sliced on top.  It’s really good! And Mom was right about the organic bananas.  But I have to make sure and buy them green coz I still hate bananas if there is any brown on the peel.

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Free stuff ROCKS!

I scored some killer freebies at Sephora today.  The other day, I received an email from Sephora with an offer of a free sample of Clinique’s Pore Refining Serum.  No purchase necessary so I headed to the mall and went to Sephora.  Cool thing is you can score this deluxe sample for yourself.  Place an online order and use the code SHRINK at checkout.

While I at the register, I saw what they had available for “Point Perks”.  Sephora has a program called “Beauty Insider“.  They track your purchases and allows you to build up points.  Once you reach 100 points, you can cash them in for a deluxe sample.  Or you can continue to save your points and cash in 500 points for a free limited edition product.  My balance has been over 600 points for some time but I was never impressed with the products they had available for the 500 point perk.  But today, they had a Smashbox eye kit that looked really good.  Apparently this kit has a $72 retail value.  It has 2 full size products and 2 deluxe samples.  There is a full size cream eyeliner in Midnight Brown and a full size eyeshadow trio with the shades Vanilla, Champagne, and Brazilian Bronze.  There are also 2 deluxe samples of Smashbox’s DNA mascara and Photofinish Eyelid Primer.  I scored big time!!

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Tonight’s dinner

This is not my picture. This belongs to Pioneer Woman

This is what I made for dinner tonight.  The boys loved it.  I loved it.  So delicious and what, seven ingredients?  Not counting spices and such.  I did add a couple splashes of Worchestershire to the meat mixture.  Click the link below to see pictures of the entire process.  I give up on taking pictures while I cook.  I always start out with good intentions and then forget to take pics because I’m too busy cooking.  I should have CJ snap pics while I cook.  But my pictures will never be as good as Pioneer Woman’s pictures.  Her pictures are very inspiring (and drool inducing).

Sour Cream Noodle Bake | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond.

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Our backyard

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of our backyard… and one picture of Punky and Trouble checking out the backyard.  Enjoy.

One of the White-breasted Nuthatches that like to visit us. They are a beautiful bird.

Another feathered friend enjoying the birdbath.

Another feathered friend visiting the bird feeder/table.

Punky is patiently waiting for a squirrel to come back

The beautiful sunset, as seen from CJ's office window.

Punky and Trouble, checking out the backyard.

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Slobber-fest Sunday

Happy Sunday.  Here is what I’m slobbering over today…

Our neighborhood is crawling with salesmen, mostly for lawn care.  I swear we’ve had the same company come to our house 6 times.  I don’t know how many times we have to tell them we aren’t interested.  I love this sign.

I’m looking for a dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby.  I’ve found a couple I like (in my price range) but this is the one I like best.  Now I just need to find a hat to go with it…

Stamps by This website has some of the cutest stamp sets I’ve ever seen.  And they’re the clear ones, which I love because they are super easy to store.  It’s hard to choose but I think my favorite set is the Holiday Treat set.  Think of all the super cute labels I could make!

And while we’re on the subject of all things crafty, my biggest want right now is a Silhouette.  What is that?  Basically, it is a digital cutting tool.  It connects to your computer like a printer but instead of printing designs, it cuts them with a small blade. You can cut designs on paper, vinyl (that’s what was used to make the No Soliciting sign above), or even fabric.  You can also attach a little sketch pen instead of the blade and you can sketch the design.  It’s very spiff.  It also costs about $200.

One of the things I want to make with the Silhouette is this Subway Art for my KitchenAid Mixer.  I love it!

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Doggy adventures

So a couple weeks ago, we let the dogs out before heading to bed and Punky wouldn’t come back in.  CJ could tell she was up by the fence and looking at something in one of the trees.  It was a possum.  Punky treed her first possum!  She was very proud of herself.  I think she liked the fact that it wasn’t running away, like the squirrels do, and she could just stand there looking at it.  It wasn’t very high off the ground, maybe 15-20 feet.

Last night, after letting the dogs out, CJ said that Punky hauled butt up to the fence (I keep saying up because our yard has an incline and you do need to go up a slight hill to the back fence & gate) after something.  He thought he saw something in the grass so he went out there and there was another possum, playing possum.  Clancy didn’t pay a lot of attention to it until it made a slight movement and then he realized it was alive.  He kind of growled at it and I moved him away from it. Punky just kept poking it with her nose, trying to get it to do “something”.  I was pretty amazed at how still that possum stayed, even with Punky poking it.  I snapped a couple pictures and then we brought the dogs back into the house.  Punky did not want to leave her new play thing.  We watched him and after just a couple minutes, he toodled off.  Luckily, nobody got hurt.

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More Kentucky musings…

Here are some additional thoughts I have about Kentucky…

  • We have more than just cardinals in our backyard.  We have several bird feeders, a thistle sock, and a for sale sign frame on our back fence (think of it as a football goal post made out of heavy wire) that we stick ears of dried corn on for squirrels.  We also have a bird bath.  CJ and I have so much fun watching the birds and squirrels.  We try not to let the dogs out to chase them unless we see the squirrels trying to raid the bird feeders.  It’s fun.  I need to get a new camera with a better zoom so I can take pictures.  We’ve also seen some chipmunks running around too.
  • Apparently, you aren’t required to stop if you want to turn right on red.
  • I’ve made more U-turns in the last month than I have in the past 20 years of driving.
  • I’m still struggling with throwing pop cans and bottles into the recycling, instead of taking them to the store for a refund.  It seems so weird.  I do like the idea of not having to take icky, sticky cans back to the store.  🙂
  • Butter sticks are shaped differently out here.  It must be the local dairies.  The first butter I purchased was from Kroger and I noticed the sticks were slightly longer and skinnier.  The tablespoon pats are thicker since the stick is skinnier.  I assumed this different size was a “Kroger” thing, since I had never seen this size.  But when I bought butter from Walmart, they came in the same longer size.  Measuring the 1/4 pound stick, it’s about 4.75inches long and about 1.25 inches wide and tall.
  • Speaking of dairy products, I miss seeing (and buying) all the Tillamook products in the dairy section.  From what I can tell, the local dairy is Dean’s.  That’s what I’m seeing in all the stores.
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